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12th October 2022

Outreach Week: over 1000 people from 30 community and youth groups take part.

In the build-up to our main stage production of ‘La Traviata’ we delivered a week of workshops, free concerts, talks, musical activities and our open dress rehearsal to over 1000 people from thirty different school, youth, community and charity groups from Belfast and beyond.

Outreach Week is a key part of our educational and outreach activities each year, bringing the power of music, singing and creativity to people who have never had the opportunity to experience the emotional power and thrill of live opera before.

Watch our short video showing some of the highlights of Outreach Week including school workshops, lunchtime concerts, ‘Come and Sing’ events and the open dress rehearsal to find out more – and please do get in touch if you know a youth, school, charity or community group who would like to be on our list for future activities.

Outreach Week is made possible by funding from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Feedback from the 2022 Outreach Week Dress Rehearsal attendees:

‘My daughter experienced her first Opera as a result of the outreach work- something she wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. A wonderful way to our encourage our young people to experience different opportunities.’

‘We would never purchase tickets for an opera and thought it was something we wouldn’t enjoy. How wrong were we?? It was an absolutely epic experience and something we will remember forever!!!’

‘The last while has been extremely hard on our group in terms of social isolation, you gave us the opportunity to be together in beautiful surroundings and enjoying a fantastic opera. They were delighted with the whole experience.’

‘The majority of our group had never been to an opera before and several had never been in the Opera House, that made this night truly special for us. One of our group said that she had never been to an opera before but that she would definitely be back, mission accomplished!’

‘Seeing my son considering to become an opera singer because he saw someone that looks like him on the stage makes clear how important it is to be exposed to multiple experiences.’

‘Many of our group attending had never been to the Opera House or an Opera before. Thanks to NI Opera for the arrangements and tickets for the upper circle which were great seats with easy access for some of our group who were older.’

”On behalf of our members both able bodied or with disabilities who attended the Dress Rehearsal for La Traviata thank you so much, it was very enjoyable and they all had a wonderful time.’

‘Thank you again for letting us be part of the dress rehearsal: I know for a fact that our pupils got a lot out of the entire evening and that is something they won’t soon forget.’

‘We were so appreciative of the free tickets, it’s always wonderful to offer vulnerable or isolated people the opportunity to do something new and exciting. Many members from our group who availed of the offer had never been to the Grand Opera House before never mind the opera! I was expecting for some to find it more challenging than enjoyable but I was pleasantly surprised to discover all found their evening at the opera to be exhilarating!’

Feedback from our Open Dress Rehearsal
Feedback from our Open Dress Rehearsal