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About Us

Northern Ireland’s award-winning national opera company dedicated to the highest standards of opera performance and the promotion of young local talent

About NI Opera

Founded in 2010, Northern Ireland Opera is Northern Ireland’s award-winning national opera company. With a philosophy of artistic excellence and risk-taking, underpinned by a bold and imaginative approach to programming and productions, Northern Ireland Opera is committed to the idea of opera as a uniquely enriching ‘total’ art form and one which should be open to everyone.

Through a modern but accessible production style, an emphasis on local participation and young people, and inexpensive ticket prices, the company has broadened the audience for opera in a region where there has been historic under-provision and where the arts are uniquely placed to foster relations between communities. In only thirteen years, the company’s energy, ideas and high artistic standards have led to national critical acclaim and an international profile.

 ‘Northern Ireland Opera’s La traviata suggests that the artistic director Cameron Menzies has at long last realised the region’s ambition to have a grand opera company truly deserving of the name.’

Opera Magazine, 2022.


To provide the highest quality opera to the widest possible audience


Northern Ireland Opera aims to promote the best of Northern Irish talent, engaging with local communities and young people, closely collaborating with other Northern Ireland arts organisations and using some of the province’s most iconic spaces for its performances. It is determined to build up an international profile for the company, recognising the unique source of pride an opera company can be to any region and the benefits that are generated in global partnerships.