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Calendar of Events

A quick guide to our upcoming events. Find out more by clicking on the links below:


Soprano (Foyle Maritime Festival and Londonderry Arms Recital)
Anna Gregg

Mezzo (Foyle Maritime Festival)
Cicely Hé

Mezzo (Summer Recital, Mélange of Mezzos, Flowerfield Arts, Botanic Gardens)
Jenny Bourke

Mezzo (Summer Recital Mélange of Mezzos)
Naomi Cantley

Mezzo (Summer Recital Mélange of Mezzos)
Anna-Helena Maclachlan

Soprano (Bankmore Square)
Susan Shepherd

Tenor (Bankmore Square, Court House Bangor, Summer Recital)
Desmond Havlin

Soprano (Court House Bangor)
Mary McCabe

Soprano (Summer Recital)
Petra Wells

BBC Radio 3 Recital,mezzo
Niamh O'Sullivan

BBC Radio 3 Recital, tenor
Liam Bonthrone

BBC Radio 3 Recital, baritone
Ben McAteer

BBC Radio 3 Recital, pianist
Michael Pandya

Foyle MaritIme Festival, pianist
Darren Day

Mélange of Mezzos pianist
Tristan Russcher

Summer Recital pianist
Ryan Greer

Flowerfield, Bankmore, Sq, Court House pianist
Frasier Hickland

Creative Team

Cameron Menzies