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Doni Fierro

Doni Fierro is the Artistic Director and lead choreographer at The London Cabaret Club where he has choreographed sell out shows as well as worked externally for Bafta, The Conservative Party Balls, and high-end charity events such as The Naked Heart Foundation.

Doni has performed at The ROH in Covent Garden and was the first Venezuelan dancer ever to dance at the historical cabaret, Moulin Rouge in Paris. Doni is an extremely talented, skilled, and experienced choreographer and dancer with a high level of professionalism and different styles such as Jazz, Ballet, Latin, Ballroom, Contemporary and Flamenco. Doni has experience working on TV, performing modern dance styles with world famous artists, in prestigious productions such as Miss Venezuela, he also worked with world renowned celebrities such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi, Celia Cruz, David Bisbal, Oscar D’Leon, Olga Tanon, Nacho.

Doni has experience in choreographing and competing in Latin, Argentinean Tango & adage and he has worked as an actor/model/choreographer in various commercials, plays and musicals.