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Fionn Ó hAlmhain

Fionn Ó hAlmhain is a young, German-born bass who grew up in Co. Wicklow and is now based in Dublin. In 2019 he completed a degree in Irish Traditional Music at the TU Dublin Conservatoire of Music and Drama, where he met his singing teacher Dr. Robert Alderson and began singing operatically.
Since then he has performed across Ireland and the UK, including work with Irish National Opera, Lyric Opera, the Salford Choral Society, Opera Collective Ireland, Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra, North Wales Opera, and the Yorke Trust Opera.
Fionn was fortunate to be accepted onto the Glyndebourne Academy for talented young singers in 2017 where he was nominated for the Gus Christie Award.
Fionn is also a founding member of the TU Dublin Operatic Society, where he both organised and performed in several events including Operatic Productions, a series of Lieder Concerts, and masterclasses with Gavan Ring, Orla Boylan, and Deirdre Grier-Delaney and is currently Chair of the same.