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19 February 2022

Filming Opera: Sound Technology

A NI Science Festival 2022 Event

Filming Opera: Sound Technology

Join NIO Artistic Director Cameron Menzies and Producer, Mixer and Sound Engineer Rocky O’Reilly as they lead a seminar discussing the recording of opera voices for film, and exploring the different artistic and technical choices made throughout the process-

  • Singing in the studio; what are opera voices and what recording equipment do we need to be able to best capture them?
  • Matching image to sound; using convoluted reverb and directing singing in the studio
  • Post-production; what to change, and what to leave the same to produce the ‘perfect take’?

We’ll also be joined by our Associate Artist Gemma Prince who will aid us in demonstrating the live opera voice in performance, and how it can be shaped, augmented, and changed by the process of audio capture, and post-production editing.

Watch the trailer for ‘Old Friends and Other Days’ in the link below which we’ll be using in the seminar as an example of sound technology techniques and out more about this award-winning film here.



Cameron Menzies

Rocky O'Reilly

Gemma Prince