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21 to 24 February 2024

The Juniper Tree

Music by Philip Glass and Robert Moran, Libretto by Arthur Yorinks

The famous Grimm fairy tale tells of a wicked stepmother who murders her stepson and serves him up in a stew to his unsuspecting father. The boy’s stepsister buries her stepbrother’s bones under a Juniper Tree, and the child’s spirit returns as a singing bird who wreaks vengeance on the evil stepmother before being restored to life in the bosom of his family. ‘The Juniper Tree’ is one of the most tuneful operas in the Glass repertory.

Phillip Glass and fellow composer Robert Moran collaborated in equal measure on the composition of The Juniper Tree. A Glass scene is followed by a Moran scene, with transitions composed by each, and the result is a fascinating hybrid, each composer holding on to his own identity while melding with the other.

This new production will be directed by Cameron Menzies.

Music by Philip Glass & Robert Moran
Libretto by Arthur Yorinks
© 1985 Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc. Used by Permission.

Creative Team

Cameron Menzies